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Our Approach

Gas and electricity are a vital part of running any home, from keeping the lights and heating on, to making sure you are able to cook a meal.  There are around 7 million prepayment meters in the UK representing 16% of all accounts and our aim is to make your money go further by finding you the cheapest deal based on your own individual needs.

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Our Story

With all of our team coming from an gas and electricity background we know how to get the best out of the energy market and are keen to deliver a quality service to all UK households by providing a 100% impartial and transparent comparison service.

100% Impartial

We are 100% impartial and this means that your Personal Projection shows every single domestic prepayment energy tariff available for your home.

Whole of Market

We model the entire domestic energy market, Our results show you every tariff actually available to your home. We do not use filters to hide results.

Free to Use

Our services are completely free for you to use. We are paid a fee from the energy suppliers that you choose for every switch completed.

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