Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know you may have some questions and the most common answers to these are shown below.  If you still need anything further do not hesitate to contact us.

Is switching difficult?

Absolutely not
For prepayment customers a new card and key are issued that changes the rates on your meter so that your credit lasts longer and therefore saves you money.  Same meters, same gas and same electricity. 

I have debt on my meters - can I still switch?

So long as the debt is less than £500 per meter many suppliers will still allow you to switch and carry the debt over.  The debt is normally paid at the same rate but as your new supplier is likely to be much cheaper your gas and electricity will last longer. 

I am on a smart meter does that matter?

Absolutely not
For smart prepayment customers a new card is issued that you can use to top up your meter.  If you enjoy topping up at home all that you need to do is download your new suppliers App and away you go.  Same meters, same gas and same electricity. 

Do I need to inform my supplier I am switching?

Absolutely not
Once you have seen all the options and have made the best choice for you, we then take care of everything.  It really is this simple. 

How long does it take to switch?

Less than 3 weeks
Many suppliers can now switch within 17 days and most can complete within 21 days so the sooner you compare and switch the sooner your credit can last longer.

Do I have to have a smart meter?

No you do not.
Whilst OFGEM and the Government both believe that there is a benefit in having smart meters there is no legal requirement for you to have one installed in your home.  You will always have access to electricity and gas through standard prepayment meters but in the future you may not be able to access some pricing plans.

Can I have a smart meter?

All suppliers are rolling out smart meters and most of the newer suppliers will offer you one within 3 weeks of switching.  The older, more established suppliers may have a waiting list of up to 6 months so if a smart meter is preferred we would recommend switching to one of the newer suppliers rather than one of the Big 6.

I am on a credit meter but want a prepayment plan?

Many of the newer suppliers will offer you a free smart meter which can be used as a prepayment meter.  You can choose to top up via the shop or through their App.

I am on a prepayment meter but want a credit plan?

Nearly all suppliers require a credit check to be undertaken before a credit meter is fitted and these are usually installed on the basis of a Direct Debit payment being set up.  If your credit is fine then most suppliers, including your current should be able to offer this to you but if this is not an option we would recommend switching to a supplier who can offer credit facilities.

Can you compare Direct Debit suppliers on here?

Of course
We can provide full market comparisons for every type of payment methods

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