Eon to raise prices

Eon have announced their latest price rise which will come into effect from April 2018. As OFGEM has relaxed the prepayment protection this could see some prepayment plans increasing by ……..Click the title to see more

Prepayment meter price cap

Thanks to OFGEM, from the 1st April 2017 the rates a supplier can charge a domestic prepayment customer will be subject to price caps which will be reviewed every six ……..Click the title to see more

Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount has been running for many years and provides low income homes with a free one off discount of £140 of free electricity.  For those who are ……..Click the title to see more

Uswitch hiding the best deals

The Sun has reported that Uswitch has been again been hiding the best deals from some energy consumers costing them up to £120 per year. Labelling the site as “Dodgy”, ……..Click the title to see more